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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An eye for an eye, or in this case, An iPad for a Garter Belt

My darlin' niece,

I just read your blog, beckoning me to bring back Robby's iPad. I am deeply regretful for borrowing it without his knowledge, but when I dropped by to pick up the garter belt that you borrowed over a year ago, I noticed the iPad sitting in a corner gathering dust. I was curious to see what all the iPad-Pod-Phone hoopla was all about, but I couldn't turn the confound thing on! I thought I'd have to continue finding a local pay phone to communicate with the world until I found this little Acer at my friend Mabel's house.

So lets make a deal. I'll bring back Robby's iPad if you hand over my garter belt (if you've stretched it out, you can purchase another one at Walmart). Deal?

I'll be over tomorrow afternoon for a glass of sweet tea before I meet my boyfriend for dinner at The Senior's Bountiful Buffet.

See you soon,

Aunt Eunice.

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Jennifer Richardson said...

Silly Aunt Eunice! -Jen