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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Lady Traveler's Cozy Christmas

Lady Traveler's Cozy Christmas
The most wonderful time of the year!

Unto us a child is given,
A Saviour, Christ the Lord
(my 40-year-old nativity under the tree)

Rob and I are loving our cozy condo on Lake Murray.
Each evening we sit by the fire, admiring our Christmas decorations.
(yes, I had enough energy to decorate.  I can't help myself)
As we sit, we count our blessings.

We are blessed with four wonderful grown kids.
We still call them 'our kids.
Four on-the-go grown grandkids.
Three fast-growing great-grandboys.
Our sweet Popcorn.
And our fabulous friends.

For our age, we are quite healthy.
We keep active, almost too active ...
... not at the local gym, yet ...
just active with every-day chores.
But we do try to take time for our little afternoon siestas.

I'm keeping this blog short,
but I'm including a recent blog I was invited to write at:
(my blog "What Now?" can be found under 'blog')

Our cozy villa says, "WELCOME!"

Christmas Eve by the fire -- food, fun, and opening gifts.

The GLITS* gals
Me.  Grand Destinee.  Daughter Jacquie

We're already talking about hitting the road!

Until next year,

I wish you oceans of Christmas and New Year blessings!

For there is born to you this day in the city of David 
a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord.
Luke 2:11

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Lady Traveler is now welcoming fam and friends to Leaf's Lake House

There is no place like home.
Author unknown?

Thanksgiving Sunset 2018 (untouched)

The heavens declare the glory of God,
and the skies announce what His hands have made.

Psalm 19:1

3 1/2 weeks of packing, tossing, and donating.
Two weeks of unpacking, tossing, and donating.
Then came Thanksgiving.
Our day of relaxation and eating.
and eating. and eating.

Friends dropping by Leaf's Lake House
Sunset from our veranda with Popcorn and friends

Ahh ... the first day in weeks that I've sat down in my new office.
I've really missed writing.
I turned on my iMac and decided to write a quick blog.
Nothing deep.  Just a simple message of

The recent months have been filled with
hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and fires.
Our hearts and prayers must continue to
reach those in need, both near and far.

My thankfulness sounds like yours.
Thankful to God for
Family.  Most anyway.
Extended Families: community, church, interest groups (my writing buddies).
Friends.  True friends.  Near and far.
Our homes.  Big and small.
Our country.  Freedom!
The list goes on.

Thank you for listening to this old Lady Traveler who loves
to travel, loves to write ... (who hates to move!) 
but who loves life! 

What do you love to do?
What are you thankful for?
Take a moment to thank God for ...

I wish you oceans of Christmas blessings!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Lady Traveler is on the move!

Lady Traveler is Moving!
The gazebo just outside our back patio
overlooking Lake Murray.
A perfect place to write...and dream

This is Lady Traveler's continued story.
A close of one chapter.
The beginning of a new chapter.

I've been wanting to downsize--again--for the past few years.
Robinski and I love our home here on Golden Hills Golf Course.
I've written blogs about the deer roaming on this former dairy farm.

Three years ago we found a little villa (condo) on Lake Murray.
But we couldn't decide if we wanted to leave our cozy home.
We hesitated, and the condo sold.
I knocked on the new owner's door and handed her my business card.
"If you ever consider selling, please call us."
Over the past three years, I would often drive through the small community,
but no FOR SALE sign.
Rob and I would pull in and admire the lovely lake,
and look for a FOR SALE sign.
None to be found.
Until ...

This past September 29th, the Saturday before we flew to So-Cal
Rob said, "Let's pull in and take a quick look."
"I was thinking the same thing," I answered.
"If anything's for sale, lets buy it!"
I quickly answered, "Only if its on the lake side."
No FOR SALE signs.
"What are you doing?" Rob asked.
"Pull over. I'm going to give that lady another business card."

I knocked on the door and the pretty lady greeted me with a surprised look.
I greeted her as I held up my business card, "I don't know if you remember me..."
She invited me in and replied, "I was getting ready to call you.
I'm putting my condo on the market in two weeks and I was planning to call you first!"

Well, needless to say, we shared a moment of shock.
Rob and I returned the next day, took a good look at the 'turn-key' villa.
I took our daughter Jacquie over and she loved it.

The morning before we left for So-Cal we had to make a decision.
"If we hesitate, she'll put that darling villa on the market and it'll be sold
within a week," I reminded my Robinski.

But wait!
There's more!
An hour later, as Rob was pulling out of our driveway our neighbor was walking across the street.
Rob asked if he knew anyone who wanted to buy our house.
By noon our neighbor's friend walked through our home,
and by the time she drove down the street she called and made us an offer on our house!

SO, we sold our house and bought a villa/condo on the lake all in ONE DAY!

October has been a whirlwind for us 70+ year-olds,
but we're taking it all a 'day at a time.' with lots of 'time-outs' to rest.

I tell you this story to encourage you that God knows your heart's desires.
Hold on to those dreams and keep the faith!
Seek the Lord, trust Him, and He shall direct your path.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life ...
Psalm 23:6

I'll be off social media until I get settled in.
Then I invite y'all to come over and enjoy the tranquil view of
Lake Murray from our veranda.

I wish you oceans of dreamy blessings for this Thanksgiving season!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

"Lady on the Run" is running!

I'm late in posting this blog because
I FORGOT to post it!
Did you ever have those days, weeks, or even months of forgetfullness?
Well, this was my month.
But here it is anyway.
And Be sure to read the last paragraph!

My first 10K run
The Los Angeles Marathon 1977

My first half-marathon with my friend Mary.
Rose Bowl Marathon 1979

My running days in the '70s

This was a special week for me.
I finished my proposal for
LADY on the RUN.
I emailed the proposal
to an agent who was referred to me.
Scary and freeing at the same time.
Click!  Send!  Done.

Now I'm taking a few deep breaths,
throwing a few items in my carry-on,
and flying to California
to my 55-year-high school reunion!

In my spare moments, I sit here and
create a new FaceBook page titled,
Lady on the Run with Sharon Leaf
Not much on it yet, but it's fun to

As all writers know,
there are many facets of writing.
Dreaming.  Creating.
Writing.  Working.
Marketing via
Facebook.  Blogging.
Pintrest.  On and on and on.
Editing.  Submitting.
And of course a few (or more) rejections.

Many women tell me,
"I want to write a book but I don't know where to start.
I answer,  "Just write.  Write.  Write."
You can do the rest as time goes by.
Keep writing.
Join a critique group.  A writers group like  Word Weavers.
Attend writers conferences, workshops, retreats.
Always read.  And learn.

And with that, I shall close for now.

I wish you oceans of blessings!

"Let us run with patience the race that is set before us.
Hebrews 12:1

My So-Cal trip was a blast!
It was a wonderful experience seeing my old Downey High School buddies!
We had a blast recalling all the memories.
Because of FaceBook we can chat and visit
when we have a few minutes here and there in our busy lives.

BIG UPDATE: The day before we flew to So-Cal we ...
sold our house ...
and bought our long-awaited condo on Lake Murray!
And that's what my next blog is about,
so stay tuned!
At the moment I'm neck-deep in boxes~
moving day is this Thursday and Friday!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Lady Traveler : South Dakota or Bust!

Lady Traveler : South Dakota or Bust!: Sometimes last-minute decisions are the best. We turned right instead of left. We headed west instead of south. A last minute deci...

South Dakota or Bust!

Sometimes last-minute decisions are the best.
We turned right instead of left.
We headed west instead of south.
A last minute decision that we shall always remember.

The day before departing Springfield, Missouri to head for Waco, Texas,
Rob got a phone call from friend Brian, asking if we were coming to 
The National American Coach Assoc. Rally.
Rob made a call to see if there was a last-minute cancellation.
The answer: Yes, there was.
So off we drove toward South Dakota.
The Badlands. The Black Hills. Mount Rushmore.
And so much more.

Here are a few highlights of our South Dakota journey.

Mount Rushmore at night.
A beautiful sight.
A Patriotic and Moving ceremony,
celebrating all of our Veterans. 

Always time for a healthy lunch at
The Deadwood Social Club

Always time for a little shopping at The Pink Door Boutique
Deadwood, SC ... a great town!

The Bad Lands of South Dakota

Happy hours with friends at the Nat'l American Coach Assoc. Rally
at Elkhorn Ridge RV Resort* in Spearfish, South Dakota.
*A lovely RV campground surrounded by lovely scenery.

Together again with my Florida friend, Gretchen
Mount Rushmore, SC

The beautiful Black Hills, SD

The Bad Lands, SD

I'm just a bad girl hangin' out in the Bad Lands!

Lots of mountain goats, bison, and 

Breathtaking.  Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

For me, the best part of traveling is not the delicious food or the gorgeous scenery.
My favorite part of traveling is re-connecting with old friends and meeting new friends.
Tip: I add them to my Facebook family
so I can keep in contact with them.

Blessed is the the one that walketh not in the counsel of the wicked,
Nor standeth in the way of sinners,
Nor sitteth  in the seat of scoffers:

But his delight is in the law of Jehovah;
And on his law doth he meditate day and night.

And he shall be like a tree planted by the streams of water,
that bringeth forth its fruit in its season.
Whose LEAF also doth not wither;
and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.
Psalms 1:1-3

Monday, August 13, 2018

Feels Like Home...Springfield, Missouri

I arrive in Springfield for the fourth time
to visit son Shawn 
and daughter-in-love Francee.
Rob and I arrive for the third year at
Route 66 KOA,
a nice family place to stay.
And a great swimming pool!

Morning and evening swims.
Part of my summer routine.

Shopping at Bass Pro where Shawn is a photographer.
The Route 66  Festival 
Over 500 classic cars
Photo by Shawn Watson Photography
(my son)
I need an updated photo for my upcoming book

The Route 66 Festival almost got rained out the first night.
Thunder and lightning way too close for comfort!
But the Bass Pro Aquarium and Wildlife Museum was outstanding!
The prettiest fish I've ever seen!

World largest polar bear from Alaska!

New bestie friend.

We spent a few days together at a lovely RV park in Lebanon, MO.
Hidden Valley Outfitters RV Park (HVO)

We felt welcome from the moment we drove up!

Francee chillin' on the river

Great BBQ tri-tip.  Thanks Shawn!

There was much to do, but won't get into details.
Now we must say 'farewell' for now...the hardest part of one's visit.

Just remember, wherever you travel ...

Nature has been for me, for as long as I can remember,
a source of solace, inspiration, adventure, and delight.

God's Word and our prayers make every item in creation holy.
I Timothy 4:1

A Most Sacred Place ... Arlington Cemetery

In the long run, the pessimist may be proved to be right,
but the optimist has a better time on the trip.

My DC bucket list was completed
when we spent time at the Arlington Cemetery.

We arrived just before dusk.
Walking up the hill to the place where they perform the
Changing of the Guards
was a breathtaking experience.
On my right, my left, in front of me, and behind me,
I was surrounded by the sacred graves
 of the men and women who
gave their lives that we may experience
God bless every one of them,
and God bless those who lost their loved ones in one of the many wars
that was fought to keep our freedom.

Before the ceremony began,
I gazed beyond the cemetery and beheld 
our nation's Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial.
At 7:00 p.m. sharp, the changing of the guards began.
Not a word was spoken.
Total silence.
Except for the birds chirping above.

Changing of the Guards

I'll remember these moments forever.

Put your hope in the Lord.
Travel steadily along His path.
Psalm 37:34


Monday, July 9, 2018

D.C. I love you

When you're traveling, you are what you are right there and then.
People don't have your past to hold against you.
No yesterdays on the road.

Hello, Mr. Lincoln

June, 2018: I'm so excited! I finally visit our nation's capitol.
All the history, the architecture, the food ...
and of course all the interesting people.

In the spirit of the Fourth of July,
here are a few photos of my 'quick trip' to the capitol of the USA.
Most of you have probably been here.
For me, it was special because I'm an
American who loves my country.
No crazy politics on this blog.
I'm amazed how so many people are
absolutely crazed out on their Facebook,
blogs, and all other means of communication.
Not much love to be found in certain circles.
The hate is so evident.
Why don't y'all take some deep breaths
and instead of pounding the President,
take a few moments and pray for him.
I'm just thankful to be surrounded by
beautiful fellow Americans who love and appreciate their country
and who pray for those in office.

Now, on with the show ...

The Washington Monument.
This was a touching moment for me.
Also makes me recall my friend Forest Gump.

Oh, the books!
Library of Congress, the oldest federal cultural institution in the United States.

Oh, the books!
And look! The 'free book table'

Strolling down the avenue, reading my 'free' book...
...beats talking on my cell phone!

Love the architecture of the Library of Congress

The Senate Building

Me and my new friend Jenna in front of
The White House

Rob bought me a hat and a painting here for our
30th wedding anniversary!

The Hat Lady who makes awesome hats!
The Capitol Hill Flea Market

There's so much to see.  So little time.
I'll have more photos another time.
(Vietnam Veteran's Memorial)
Until then, I'll keep on writing and wishing you oceans of kindness.

We grow like a flower in the field.
After the wind blows, the flower is gone, and there is no sign of where it was.
But the Lord's love ... continues forever and ever.
Psalm 103:15-17

Thursday, June 14, 2018

On the road again to Virginia and ...

The beauty of traveling is the beautiful people.

This is why we're here.
"Bringing hope to America's families"

Main Street, Culpeper, Virginia
We've been in Culpeper, Virginia for two weeks.
What a beautiful state!
Hills and mountains galore!

We parked our motor home in the back shipping/receiving area of CIA's new facility.
I haven't had much time to explore until today.
Our home-on-wheels is in the shop, hopefully for just today.
(the engine light keeps coming on--not a good sign)
So I'm homeless.

I dropped Popcorn off at Petsmart, then
enjoyed a leisure breakfast on Main Street at Frost's Diner.
After shop-lifting ... er ... window-shopping,
I found The Raven's Nest, a darling little coffee house.
"Yay! Now I can write a quick blog!"
Well, I started this blog with good intentions
until I met the friendliest couple;
then I met two lovely ladies who mentioned in conversation that they were walkers.
SO, out comes my business cards and I introduce them
to my upcoming book, LADY on the RUN.
And I shared with them Christ In Action.
And so it goes.  I love this life on the road!

We're hangin out with the big boys (see us? way in the back!) at Camp Hope
Frost's Cafe on Main Street, Culpeper, Virginia

We'll be here until the end of July.
I'll be in training tomorrow for CIA's
"Office Support Team."
I'm also working on my last draft of LADY on the RUN!
Rob was so sweet to pack the iMac for me.
I usually type/write on my laptop.

We'll head west to Springfield, Missouri in August
to spend time with our son and daughter-in-law.
Then our next stop will be Waco, Texas
to have breakfast at Chip and JoAnne Gaines new restaurant.
Anyone care to join us?
Last stop on our "Circle of Love" journey:
 Montgomery, Alabama to visit our
three great-grandsons.

A total of 3 months of traveling in the good ol' USA!

Until the next time ...

I wish you oceans of summer blessings!

... let us run with patience the race that is set before us!
Hebrews 12:1a

P.S.: Update: I ran into the 'walking' lady in a nearby cafe the other evening. Small town.
We're back in our motor home! Moon River (her name) needed a new switch ($100.00 + labor).