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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Missing iPad--a Clue!

As you can see, our home security camera caught Aunt Eunice's gloved paws red-handed on Rob's iPad! Is this evidence, or what? My dear Auntie, do I have to quote your favorite scriptures to you as a reminder of what you have done? How about Thou shalt not steal and/or Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's (or nephew's) goods for starters?

As I write this, Aunt Eunice, I am reminded of the times throughout the years that I have coveted your fine jewelry, your stylish Sears & Robuck hats and gloves, your scarlet red Coty lipstick, your Woolworth's garter belt and hose, and other personal items. But did I steal them? Of course not.

Let me add this ladies. How often have we, as women, coveted something that a friend, a neighbor, a family member had? But did we steal? Hmm, now I feel that I'm touching on something...if your heart is going pitter-patter, please stop and repent right now. Go to that person and ask forgiveness and take back what you stole. We must be women of honor. Oh, my...now that I think about it, I did borrow...ugh...steal...Aunt Eunice's garter belt...but it was for a good reason--I wanted to give Rob a hootin' fun night--but that is no excuse!

Oh, Aunt Eunice, where art thou?

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Debra said...

Sharron, you make me laugh, even on paper!! deb