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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lady Traveler's Birthday Girl. My Daughter. My Blessing.

Mother loves Daughter
and vise versa!
Words cannot describe my 
absolute adoration for my daughter, Jacqueline Shayne.  
Most mothers will totally understand,  
so I won't go on and on about my girl.
Instead, I decided to share a little story that my mother wrote four years after Jacquie was born.  
My Mother, the writer.  My Mother, the doting grandmother.  
So I went to my office and found the torn manila envelope tucked in a drawer
where my mother's stories are kept of times past.
Thanks, Mom, for this one.  Once again, it brought new tears to my eyes.

"Introducing Jacquie"
written by Kathryn Sue Cook (Mama Cook)

Hello. My name is Jacquie.  
I am four years old. Normal in size.  Brown hair, brown eyes.
Mommy is brunette and pretty.
Daddy is blond and handsome.
I call my Grama Mama Cook because all my mother's friends rush in and yell,
"Hi Mama Cook!"
Grampa Cook I call--yuk--BowWow.
I tried saying grampa but it came out BowWow.
Now and then I hear the grownups trying to explain it away.
If you watch close they will give each other a look that says,
those people are coo-coo.
Gram Watson is my other grandmother and Papa is my other grampa.
No one ever has to explain them or watch for a strange glance.

One day Mama Cook told me how GOD sent me
'Special Delivery' to my Mom:

"God has millions of little souls in a very beautiful, beautiful place.
He loves and cares for them all.
Some go to black people, some to white, others to different races ... "
(Mama Cook is far-out sometimes;
she said God has these chutes, similar to laundry chutes)

Mama Cook had my attention, so she continued:

"It was a very busy day on that special day in April.
The chutes were going full blast all over the world.
The angels were working overtime, sending down girls, boys, twins, et cetera.
Some got a boy when they already had four boys,
and vise versa with the girls.
Probably a few parents were disappointed,
but once their little conceived idea made its public debut,
no one ever thought of sending theirs back.

"On the eleventh morning in April,
the chutes suddenly stopped!
Pandemonium set in!
You could hear the faint fluttering of angels wings,
For next on the format came into view
a little soul marked
written with God's own hand.
Everyone knew what that meant:
The mother had to be one who could mold and make a human life that would bring 
honor and glory to their Creator.
Without hesitation, it was agreeable to whom
the mother of  PRECIOUS should be,
so with all of heaven looking on
--and the heavenly choir singing--
down to earth and into the loving arms of a dear sweet girl named Sharon,
the Lord sent this magnificent and priceless gif t... a little soul."

Now, this is the story that my Mama Cook tells.
Parts of it are believable,
and I must admit that it sounds better than other stories I've heard from my little friends.
One said her parents found her in a cabbage patch.
Another said she was told that a stork flew her in.
From these three stories, you can make your choice.
Or perhaps you have another and better one and it is also far-out.
But as for me ... well, shucks ... I'm stickin' with Mama Cook's version.
It'll make her feel good if I believe,
and I like to make folks feel good if I can, don't you??


Note: A fiction story that Jacquie half believed.

So that is exactly how it happened forty-nine years ago.  
I believe every word.  Why?
Because I was there.

Happy Birthday, dear daughter of mine.
You are a lovely Proverbs 31 lady.

Favor is deceitful,
and beauty is vain;
but a woman that feareth the LORD,
she shall be praised.
Proverbs 31:31

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lady Traveler asks: Writer's Blog...or Writer's Block?

Paris 2014

~God doesn't want us to live in the past
any more than He wanted St. Paul to~

Today my mind is wandering.
Dreaming about past journeys to Belize, Costa Rica,
Sweden, Russia, Greece, 
Israel...on and on.
Thinking about spring and our upcoming road trip to Missouri.
Facebook flashing now and then.
Pondering our autumn road trip to the Florida Keys.
Praying about a mission trip to the Philippines.
And all the while feeling slightly guilty for not
working enough on my latest project, Lady on the Run.

Are there any writers, artists, musicians out there in Lady Traveler blogland
who are wondering if the project you're working on will be as good as your last?
Although I have published a book, Lady and the Sea,
each process -- 
the writing, re-writing, editing, publishing, marketing --
seems a bit overwhelming to me now.
Is it because I'm turning seventy next year and 
my time is of greater value to me?

Istanbul 2008

I'll be honest,
I'm not looking forward to all the hours needed to research
finding the right editor, deciding which way to go in the publishing field.
And then there's the marketing.
Is there anyone out there who is experiencing these same feelings?

I'm thinking about publishing one chapter a week of
Lady on the Run
on my Lady Traveler Blog.
Nine chapters in nine weeks.
There. Done.
Just like the musicians who post their songs on YouTube.

Belize 2010

I know, I know.
I must pray.
For guidance, wisdom, patience.
I know, I know.

Oh, great.
I just read an article on a writer's blog with a warning:
Don't whine and complain about the writing process on your blog
incase a publisher might read it.
Yeah, I'm sure a publishing house is going to
read my blog.
(laughing out loud)

In the world's scheme of things,
Lady on the Run
is not so important.
if God called me to finish His story,
then I must.

Thanks for listening.
Thanks for praying.

Coffee always helps!
Until next time
I wish you oceans of Easter blessings!

I press on to take hold of that
for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.
Philippians 3:12