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Sunday, May 13, 2012

I love book signings!

I had a blast at my book signing at Books A Million in Sumter, SC, the town where I was born.  The feeling of sheer nostalgia filled my senses as I drove past Shaw Air Force Base where my Mom and Dad met and fell in love sixty-eight years ago.

As I shared my story of Lady and the Sea, I could see their eyes light up at the spoken word.  One woman is taking Lady on her cruise next week; another will read Lady while convalescing from her surgery she's having tomorrow ... I love their stories too.  And I met several young women, Shannon and Jessica, who's passion is writing.  I encouraged them: "Don't give up.  Write your heart and soul.  Your dream can come true!"

The Books A Million manager invited me back for more book signings, so I'll be returning to my home town in the near future to meet more friendly folks.

Writing is one of my passions, but encouraging readers and inspiring writers I meet along the way is the frosting on my cake.  

Now I must go and finish enjoying my Mother's Day with the man of my dreams.  Actually, ladies, he is the frosting on my cake, if you know what I mean.  *wink*

I wish you smooth sailing and oceans of blessings for the coming week.  And I hope you're having a special Mother's Day.  Sharing my day with my daughter, Jacquie, after being apart for five years, is another dream come true for me.  Hang on to those dreams ... they DO come true!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

What brings you joy?

Yesterday's guest speaker at our Literary Luncheon in Rock Hill was Merry Taylor of Taylor and Associates.  She is a motivational speaker so of course she asked us a few questions that got us to thinking.  What brings you joy?  What are your goals?  Why do you write?  or paint?  or cook ... fill in your blank.  I was forced to reflect.  Besides God and family, my thoughts brought me back to my recent debut novel, Lady and the Sea.  

I wrote Lady and the Sea because there was a story that took place in the 90's that needed to be told.  It was not my story to keep.  I was compelled to share it.  Lady is not a fantasy or a fairytale.  It is a true story of finding faith for forgotten dreams while sailing on the World War II vessel MS Restoration.  The ship's Swedish engineer finds an American wife.  A father-daughter relationship is restored.  A vision comes to pass for a captain and his wife.  A woman overcomes her fears to fulfill a dream to serve God in a foreign country.  An old World War II ship stored in moth balls gets a second chance to sail the seas when she is assigned to transport Russian Jews from the Black Sea to Israel.  The dream of over 1,500 Russian Jews coming to pass as they arrive safely in their Promise Land of Israel.  And much more.

My goal to write and publish Lady and the Sea is my legacy.  If I never publish another book, I am satisfied.  Now, my present dream and goal is to place Lady in the hands of those readers whose lives will be changed and challenged by the story.  I have no agent or publicist, but I have the Lord (II Chronicles 32:7-8).  I guard my heart against comparing myself with other authors.  I rejoice with them when they share their victories, knowing that they are celebrating with me when I share mine.  

No matter what brings you joy, may you continue to sail on to yet another personal goal and victory.

The signposts of God are clear and point out the right road.
 The life-maps of God are right, showing the way to joy.  
Psalm 19:7-8

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