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Friday, January 28, 2011

+ Oprah's Birthday

At home with Aunt Eunice (former Miss South Carolina 1946)

Hello dearies! I was heading out my front door to catch a plane to attend tomorrow's big birthday bash for Oprah at her California mansion when the phone rang. I knew it was my niece by the tone of the ring. Should I answer it? I asked myself. I had already talked to her twice this morning. But after all, she is my niece so I picked up. Yes, Shaa-ren, I bought all of the paper products. Yes, darlin', I ordered the cake from Piggly Wiggly. And yes, everyone has r.s.v.p.'d. Click.

Before I get down with my bad self with Oprah, I'm going to be very busy. First, I have a Botox appointment, then I'm off to Hollywood to shoot a cameo appearance in "Hot in Cleveland." Finally I have an interview with a renown publishing house that Valerie Bertenelli scheduled for me--she is determined that my beauty tips will be a huge hit in Hollywood.

And yes, Shaa-ren, I will be back in time for your 65th birthday celebration.

Have a wild week-end because you only live once,

Aunt Eunice

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