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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Am I 65 yet? Oh, those senior moments!

Dreams come true for those who beLeaf

This blog is for me. 
 No one else will be all that interested. 
 But perhaps you'll smile as you remember the 
things that warm your heart. 
Preparing for my 65th birthday, 
here's a few of mine.

A God who loves me unconditionally.
Answered Prayer.
Quiet Walks.
Loud Music.
My friend and lover for life, Rob.
Family who loves me for who I am.
Friends who are there when I need a 
shoulder to cry on, to laugh with, to ...
Many friends in Sweden, our former residence in 1991-92, and '94-95.

Morning Coffee
Barcelona, Spain
Peanut butter and banana Sandwich.
Sweet Tea.
Country French.
A fireplace and Popcorn
My faithful maltetoo, Popcorn.
A Fireplace.
BacInTyme, my cozy corner where I love to write.
The Ocean.
Sunrise, Sunset.
Southern Living.
My comfortable Bed.

Love my southern Aunt Eunice
Memories of my Running days.
Tweeting Birds in the spring.
The sound of Crickets and Frogs 
on hot summer nights.
LOVE Christmas
Oh, by the way, do you have a list? 
Makes you stop and count your blessings. 
We are surrounded by them daily. 
Blessings, that is.

Love to all. See you on the radio.
And remember, always do what's wRite!


Nancy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday......I pray you day will be full of blessings.....

I love your list.....It's always good to reflect on all the ways we have been
blessed and all the things we love and make us happy.....

Sharon Leaf said...

Thanks Nancy. Its funny, the more we reflect on our blessings, the more we realize we have! To be continued.

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

..♪.♫ Happy Birthday to..♫..YOU Sharon! You do have a wonderful blessings list. We all have so much to be thankful for when we stop and make our list.