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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ga-Ga Sisterhood + GRITS Gals = tons of love!

Light is sweet, and it pleases the eyes to see the sun. However, many years a (wo)man may live, let her enjoy them all. Ecclesiastes 11:7-8 NIV

~ Rose of Sharon ~
(Mom named me after the Rose of Sharon from the Bible. Thanks, Mom)

Nine days until my 65th birthday! But who's counting? Me! I do this every year, get all excited about my birthday. I never go all out for a big birthday bash, but I think about it (although Rob and Jacquie have given me a few wild surprises over the years).

For my 60th birthday, I was going to have a tea party in my garden at the beach, but the more I thought about my eclectic bunch of Ga-Ga's (girlfriends), I knew they would rather roast marshmallows on the beach, then take a bike ride to Newport Beach for pizza, and end up on Balboa Island for ice cream. So I scratched the tea-time idea. By the time I had it all figured out--I was going to have a big bash on the Queen Mary in Long Beach--Rob and I decided to lease our house and buy a home three-thousand miles away in South Carolina, my birthplace.

Now, five years later with the Ga-Ga Sisterhood* spread out across the nation, I'm working on having a little southern breakfast in the country at the cozy cafe, Jasmin's, with a few of my GRITS** Gals. I'm a simple southern girl at heart, and simplicity is one of my mottoes. One of my Ga-Ga's, Shirley, gave me a dish with Simplify written on it and it's sitting upright in my living room to remind me: don't clutter life with stuff that doesn't matter.

As I near my 65th birthday--six days!-- I'm thinking about all the fond memories that my Ga-Ga's have given me over the years, and I'm thanking God that I have a memory to have your memories on!

Oceans of blessings today, my friends, wherever you are! And remember, always do what's wRite! See you on the radio!

*Ga-Ga's: You know who you are.
**GRITS: Girls-Raised-In-The-SOUTH (you know who you are!)


Debra said...


Sharon Leaf said...

Ahh, Grits gal, you remember how I milk it for as long as I can!!! Since its my 65th, it will be more like BIRTHDAY YEAR! You see, turning 65 is on my Bucket List!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Let the celebration begin!!!!!

Nancy said...

Sounds like this is going to be a year of celebrationing every day......your friends sound like so much fun.....I want to come and play with you gals.......

Happy Birthday every day.....


Sharon Leaf said...

Nancy, you're welcome anytime to join in on the fun! I'm blessed to have such great friends, on the east and west coast.