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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Niece Shaa-ren + Betty White = Birthdays Galore!

Hello dearies. Well, if I survive this month it will be a miracle! I'll take a minute to let you know that I'm right in the middle of two famous birthdays: my best friend, Betty White, and my precious niece, Shaa-ren. I almost forgot Betty's birthday because she's been so busy filming her new series, "Hot in Cleveland." When I asked her why she worked so hard she answered, "Well, Eunice, it keeps me off the streets." Then she said, "Actually, they're looking for another hot mama for the show, so I suggested you." Me? Little Miss Eunice? I guess my niece is right--it's never too late to fulfill your dreams. I've always wanted to be a famous TV actress! After regaining my composure I answered, "Oh Betty, I would love to." I was thinking Botox when she added, "Don't forget my birthday party!"

Betty turned 89 yesterday and it was boogie-down-party-time! I'll never know how she got the energy to go on Good Morning America and The View this morning--I pulled my back out dancing on Regis Philbin's table and couldn't get my tush out of bed until after noon. The good news is Valerie Bertenelli begged me to write a book about all my beauty tips! Hollywood, here I come!

As for Shaa-ren's birthday? Ha! Not possible to forget. That's all she talks about, and she calls every day to remind me!
She just called to inform me that she wants me to plan a birthday party for her, just like Betty's! I told her, "Darlin', you're only going to be 65; when you turn 89, we'll both boogie down with Regis. He's retiring so he'll have lots of time to party." She hung up on me. Humph!

Gotta go now. I'm going to Walmart to purchase some balloons and paper goods for Shaa-ren's big birthday bash. If I don't, I'll never hear the end of it...unless she forgets. Yeah. Sure.


Jennifer Richardson said...

Shaa-ren, you're still boogie fine
and getting finer, birthday princess:)

Sharon Leaf said...

Thanks Jen! I'm just trying to keep up with Auntie Eunice!