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Saturday, February 5, 2011

February, The Month of Love

See the heart reflecting in my mirror?

I've been so wrapped up in my 65th birthday celebrations that I forgot that its now February! Valentine's Month. Heart Month. The Month of Love. Love is in the air so I hope you take time this month to let those around you hear "I love you" from your lips. It's Heart Month so take time to get a check-up. You're only going to go as far as your heart takes you so make sure it's in good running order.

Oceans of blessings, Sharon
Always do what's wRite!

See you on the radio!


Jennifer Richardson said...

Yes! Will go see cardiologist;
Barbara put the fear of God in me
last night; and President Clinton
has me limiting animal products.
Want our hearts rosy and pumping
for decades to come!

Nancy said...

Thanks for reminding us to need to keep all our hearts in good shape.....the spiritual and physical...and to express our love for those in our lives that bring us much joy..........Thank you for all the joy you share with so many people.....Happy Heart Day to you....

Mary said...

oh do i have to...i hate going to the doctors!
i know, i know, it's with love you remind us...thank you! :)

the comment you left on my blog blessed me, thank you for that too.

grace and peace

Sharon Leaf said...

From my heart to yours, I love you gals!