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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Rezo---

Brattonsville, SC where Mel Gibson's "The Patriot" was filmed.

My last profound blog for the year. I'll make it short. I'm writing about what else? New Year's Rezolu--

"New Year's rezolushuns"--I can't spell it, much less do it. beLeaf me, over the years I've made hundreds. I try to keep them. THAT's the problem--keeping them. Lately, I can't even find the list to see how I'm doing. So this year, no list of rezo...well, you know what I'm talkin' about.

Instead of making a list that I can't keep, much less find, I'm going to live each day as if it were my last. Hmm, that sounds strangely familiar too, doesn't it? I've proclaimed that many times. Then why do some days I lay around, eating stale Fritos, drinking leftover Julmust from Christmas, and watching Out of Africa for the tenth time? For you spiritual gals out there, I can hear you saying, You are letting your flesh get the best of you. Yep, that's it! And that goes for all the times I eat that extra piece of cherry pie, drink that second glass of sweet tea, and order sweet potato fries to-go (I'm out of Fritos). It's my flesh getting the best of me, again.

I really do want to rezolve to eat less/eat right, exercise more, read my Bible more, smile more, especially since I'm nearing my 56th--ooops--65th birthday. See? Here I go again, falling into that annual New Year's trap. Ignore the first sentence of this paragraph and let me start over.

I hope y'all are enjoying making your wonderful Rezolushuns List for 2011 and I hope you keep every single one. But if you don't, remember, no guilt. No shame. No blame. Live today as if it were your last. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Now I'm off to Sam's Club to buy a box of Fritos--it's not 2011 yet!!

Oceans of blessings for 2011!

See you on the radio!

p.s. But I am going to organize my office.


Jennifer Richardson said...

You're hilarious:):):)
I'm going to SHUN those resolushuns
this year, too.
Just a word.
I think I've got it
I'm wearing it around today
and see if it fits well.
I like your "AMAZing"!
As for the fritos,
I suggest the BBQ variety;)
Happy new one,

Sharon Leaf said...

Jen, I love your word for 2011: wings. Mine is: AMAZing! I think we're on to something for the coming year. As for the Fritos, not going to Sam's after all. Instead, I'm signing up for zumba classes! I'm gonna 'take it all off' this year without rezolving to do it. :)