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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A little taste of heaven for 2011!

Nascar races at Charlotte Speedway 2010

My Christmas tree is still standing tall and glowing in the living room. I don't have time to take it down this morning because one of my Christmas gifts from Rob was my very own gift certificate for zumba classes, which begins at noon today! To prepare for this class, I shall go downstairs and walk 2 miles with Jane Fonda (DVD was another gift from Rob) to limber up. I love to dance so I'm looking forward to this new zumbie experience. Afterwards, I'll meet Rob for lunch at Just Fresh--turkey burger & sweet potato fries await me...a little taste of heaven.

~ For my month of January I will endeavor to get in tip-top shape so I can get down with my bad self on the 31st to celebrate my 65th birthday, which I plan to celebrate all year! Sixty-five. Unbelievable huh? Well, I'll let Aunt Eunice talk more on growing old gracefully later. Right now I must prepare for my hour of zumba, whatever that is!
Oceans of blessings, and see you on the radio!


Nancy said...

Well you go girl....Zumba classes...I think that is great...My daughter has taken some and she says they are quite a workout......and Jane Fonda too.....you are going to be one cool mama on your 65th......

I am trying to get in shape as well and you are really inspiring me......Thanks

Hugs and blessings

Sharon Leaf said...

Nancy, my daughter takes Zumba classes too, along with other workouts. I used to run and workout all the time until I fell at work and had to have knee surgery. :(
Now I bike ride, walk with Jane and Zumba! It's important to keep our bodies moving so we can live a healthy & happy life! See you on the radio Nancy!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Zumba, Sharon, ZUMBA!!!
You're going to be
(frankly, you already are)
Happy trails these last
few days of your 64th
year gracing this planet
with joy and laughter:)