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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to my son, Shawn!

~ Sometimes I think our children's birthdays are mostly for us mothers. If you're a mom, you know what I'm talking about. Each year as we celebrate the birth of our children--no matter how many years ago--it brings back memories of years gone by, especially the memorable day they were born. Come on, admit it, you can't remember all that labor pain, can you? Well, okay, you do... but wasn't it was worth the moaning and the groaning when that little slimy, bloody bundle of joy popped out? Okay, too much information... where was I? Oh, yes, the joyful times (I hear someone out there blurting, "Are you kidding me? Joyful? My kid's been nothing but a pain in the ars!") Shame on you! Take a deep breath; now, think reeel hard...remember those moments when your darling one brought a smile to your face? laughter to your achy bones? I'll stop right there...I can see by that smile that you're on the right path.

~ Our son, Shawn, is 37 today. He's grown up to be a fine young man, accepting responsibility, standing up for his beliefs, smiling at strangers, sending flowers to his Mother, and taking time for family and to enjoy life--playing hockey, watching football (go Bears!), and taking his wife of 14 years to the local diner. There's more, but a mother can sometimes bore those around her when it comes to bragging on their kids.

~ I'll close now so all of you moms out there in bloggyville can continue to spend the day pondering those special memories of your children, no matter how old, no matter how much of a pain in the...just ponder.

Oceans of blessings on this first day of September!
(Picture of Shawn, Bosco, and Mom, February 2010 in California)


Jennifer Richardson said...

...."smiling at strangers..."
what a motherly thing to notice, Sharon!
Love the photo of your handsome guy
and his silly sweet southern mama:)

Sharron Leaf said...

Thanks Jen! He's definately a sweetie! And I guess I'll always be the S.S.S. Mama!