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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hours. Months. Finished. Gone.

Did you see the movie, Something's Gotta Give with Diane Keaton? The scene when she finished writing her play, she sat at her desk, raised her hands, and yelled "YES!" Well, yesterday that's what my neighbors heard from the other side of the pond. A great big "YES!" I finished my 100,000-word novel Lady and the Sea, then I got drunk--kidding?
~ So what's next? For an unknown like me, it's just the beginning. For a nobody, it's uphill all the way. Researching publishing houses...can take hours. Marketing...can take months. Promoting book...can take forever. Depending on God every step of the way...PRICELESS.
~ I already have a book playing around in my head that I'll delve into, probably tomorrow. Wait, I can't tomorrow. I have to clean house--Jacquie and Tom are flying in from California for Labor Day week-end. But she'll understand if there's dust bunnies in the corners, and Tom loves bunnies-he'll just shoot em'.
~ So what am I going to do today to celebrate? After I run a few errands, I'm going to take my little Acer to the BacInTyme Cafe, have a cup of coffee and write! Oh, the life of a baby-boomer, empty-nester, happy-go-lucky writer! Thank you Lord, for allowing me this time to enjoy my sexy-savvy-sixties!
Have a great last-day-of-August!!
Oceans of blessings, Sharron


Jennifer Richardson said...

Whoooo hooooooo!!!!!!
I'm pretty sure I heard you from clear across the pond:)
So proud of you and excited to see the voyage the book will take.
Bravo and happy writing!

Debra said...


What about...
Sense of Humor!!

Sharron Leaf said...

Thanks, Jen. I appreciate all the inspiration you give me.
And Debra...you know me all-too-well!
Love you both!