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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My mind is going every which-away...

~ I was going to wait to blog until tomorrow. I figured that I'd have my thoughts all sorted out by then. Perhaps. But what are blogs for if not to share our innermost feelings with those who really care? Admit it, if you didn't care, you would not spend a minute of your precious time reading a blog from a savvy-sixties-baby-boomer who at the moment is going through withdrawals from her daughter's departure this morning on a jet plane back home to California. Now, just re-reading that sentence tells you that I'm just a little 'off' today. How many words in that sentence? Doesn't matter.
~ When Jacquie arrived Friday, we did our traditional mother-daughter jaunt--lunch at BacInTyme, shopped at Baxter Village and Rivergate, and sang to 96.9 with every lull in the conversation. Great times....
~ And another thing. I'm giving myself permission to shed a few tears. I was doing great until a few minutes ago when I sat down to fold Jacquie's pj's, undies, and sports bra that she always leaves behind for me to launder and put in her special dresser drawer in her room. Another long-winded sentence--but I'm feeling much better!
~ Tom & Jacquie spent a few days on Hilton Head, basking in the end-of-summer weather. Boat rides, bike rides, long walks, and good food convinced me that Rob and I will be taking a road trip to Hilton Head by the end of the month.
~ See? I talked, I cried, and I shared. I feel so much better! Thank you for listening. This was not a planned get together with you, but sometimes we need to call a 'special bloggy meeting' to let it all hang out! Now, I must fluff my hair, replace my smeared mascara, and wait for my hunk of a husband to come home from work. He'll be grateful that I had this little meeting with you.
Oceans of blessings!


Jennifer Richardson said...

Every mother's heart nods "yes"
to this:)

Sharron Leaf said...
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Sharron Leaf said...

I'm sure I'll feel the same when my son comes to visit some day.