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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summertime Escape to Belize

"God invites you to vacation in His splendor. He invites you to feel the touch of His hand. He invites you to feast at His table. He wants to spend time with you."

I'll stride freely through wide open spaces as I look for Your truth and Your wisdom. Psalm 119:45 the message

Hi there! It's been awhile, so I wanted to drop you a quick line. After spending a week of leisure on a little island off Belize, I've been home four days and I'm stil in the relaxed Caribbean mode. So forgive me if I misspell a word, or use the wrong word. Rob and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary lying on the white sands, while the gentle waves of the turquoise barrier reef soothed our souls. Food? delicious! Sunsets? out of this world! Know what I enjoyed the most? (well, besides those magical moments indoors with my hubby) Floating in one of the two swimming pools! Oh, heavenly! How could I not praise the Lord?

But even on vacation, my thoughts still wandered back to my dear friend, Debbie, who is having challenging health problems. And there's the Israel blockade, and the oil spill in the Gulf. I'm so thankful that I serve a God who is near, even on vacation.
Rob brought his iPad along to read my manuscript; what a fun way to read and do research! I didn't quite finish reading one of Julie Carobini's books--my central coast author friend--but I'm determined to by the end of summer.
I hope you're having a wonderful summer. Relax, Read, wRite, Run...whatever suits your fancy. But don't forget to Reach out and touch someone along the way!
Oceans of blessings, Sharron


Jennifer Richardson said...

Sounds heavenly, Sharron:) So glad you got to take that trip!
And way happy you're back.
....and I LOVE the photo!!!

sharon leaf said...

Thanks Jen; I'm glad to be back home! :)

Patti said...

Your trip sounds delightful and you look relaxed and beautiful. I'm thankful too that we serve a God who is near! Keeping Debbie in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Patti, for your prayers, and for your friendship.

Anonymous said...
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