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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fireflies & Moonbeams

Popcorn and I went for an evening walk tonight, and what did we see? Fireflies! Under the moonlit sky, I discovered fireflies flickering among the bushes, up into the trees, and almost at my fingertips! Then I said out loud, "I love the south!" I felt like dancing, so I did. Poor Popcorn was embarassed. ~ Today was so perfect that my friend, Patti, and I sat underneath an umbrella on our deck, and chatted the afternoon away while sipping sweet tea. Oh, the life of a southern belle!
I must keep this short...have to get back to my novel...a work in progress. But I'll return soon. I miss you, and I hope you miss me just a little. May the Son shine on you this week-end, and while you're at it, make sure you get at least fifteen minutes of sunshine!
Oceans of blessings, Sharron (picture: Rob & grandson, Joey--has nothing to do with fireflies but the picture makes me happy)


Patti said...

I've bookmarked your blog. Looking forward to visiting often. I bet Popcorn wished he could dance with you! Enjoyed today :)

Sharron Leaf said...

Yes, I need to give her dancing lessons! Thanks for 'bookmarking' me...does that mean your a follower? *smile*

Patti said...

Tried to become an official 'follower'. Don't know if it worked or not...my first time :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love the dance in your step, Sharron!

Sharron Leaf said...

Gotta keep dancing, Jen...bad knee and all! And yes, Patti, you are now a full-fledged follower! Welcome, and come dance with us!