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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy First Day of Summer!

Popcorn at the Baxter Village fountain
As the south settles in for another week of 90+ degree heat, 
I bunker down in my air-conditioned home, 
going outdoors in the early morning to water my thirsty flowers, and back out in the evening to 
walk Popcorn as the fireflies dance in the trees. 
My friend Jennifer has to work outdoors in this weather, 
but the way she writes about it makes me want to tag along with her (http://www.ripplespeak.blogspot.com/ )

Although Rob had to work yesterday, 
he told me that his Father's Day equaled any Mother's Day celebration that I've ever had. 
He's thinks fathers don't get the hoopla that mothers do. 
Do you agree? And why is that? 
Perhaps it's the birthing process that 
gives moms the privelidge to get-down-with-their-bad-self 
and celebrate hardy each year with whoever will join them. 
Don't we moms have lists a mile long with 
reasons to celebrate Mother's Day? 
Perhaps Dads should start making lists too. 
I better stop right here--
I don't want to open a can of worms this morning--
it's just too hot for that 
(I'm writing at 7:50am on my deck and I'm starting to feel 
beads of perspiration forming under my right bosom).

It doesn't take much to make Rob's Father's Day complete--
a phone call from his son Jason, 
a lunch date and a movie with his daughter Carrie, 
and a woven hammock from Jacquie and Shawn, of which he will make good use of, beginning tonight.

From observation, I don't think it takes a lot to make fathers happy. They like to be thanked for small deeds.
 They like a phone call now and then that says I love you, Dad.
Get the picture? Life is too short. 
So this summer, lets remember our dads, and 
those we love who are still with us with small kind gestures.

I wish you Oceans of Father's Day blessings

1 comment:

Jennifer Richardson said...

Thanks for the reminder to pour out the love while loved ones are here for the pouring, Sharron.
Smooches to you and Popcorn:)