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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Schedules, or Jewels

Your well planned schedule can change by one phone call. Twenty-two years ago my future changed by one phone call--you can read A Season for Love at www.womensinet.blogspot.com

My week's fun-filled itinerary was planned out. Tuesday: monthly writer's group; Thursday: Women's Initiative Network (WIN) meeting featuring special guest speaker Leslie Nease who was on the TV program Survivor-China and now heads up her Get Gutsy for God ministry.; and of course The Artist's Studio that I host in my home. But a phone call on Sunday changed all that.

Rob's friend of 40+ years, Bernie, called to tell us that his beloved wife had gone to be with the Lord that morning. Cancer. Rob had introduced them many years ago so he had an emotional connection to their union--yes, girls, it is possible for men to have emotional connections! So there was no question that we would drop everything to make arrangements to fly to California.

It's Tuesday, and we're flying over Arkansas, and as I write this blog, I'm wondering, how many of my friends would drop everything to fly three thousand miles? And you can't fool me--I'm sure you're asking yourself that same question.

Friendship goes deeper than shopping and lunching at the mall once a week, or evan chatting on the phone every day. Friendship is a heart-to-heart connection, no matter how near or far away you are. It's a bond that cannot be explained. Friends are precious jewels that need to be polished now and then, and then to be worn with pride. I'm blessed to have many jewels, and I cherish them for the sparkle they bring to my life, but I must confess that I don't polish them as often as I should.

Through the years Bernie has brought spiritual fellowship and much laughter to Rob, and for those reasons alone, Rob is on his way to stand by his friend's side in his time of loss. Bernie needs a little polishing.

My meetings and gatherings will wait. Sometimes our friends cannot. So if you get an unexpected phone call this week, perhaps one of your jewels could use a little polishing.

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