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Monday, February 1, 2010

My Birthday Celebration...surprise! surprise!

I'm so glad I had gone to the doctor on Wednesday for my quarterly check-up. Healthy with a strong heart. Later that evening, Rob came home and we went to Peppers in Baxter Village for dinner. Just as I was sitting down in the booth, a strange woman walked over and said, "Happy Birthday Mom." Eeeek! I screamed and almost fell out of the booth. It was my daughter! But how could it be? She lives in California...hmmm...I glanced at Rob. He was laughing along with Jacquie. They succeeded in giving me the best birthday surprise ever (the 31st). After four days of hanging out (what happens in Fort Mill stays in Fort Mill!), we made memories to last me through the freezing winter days. After she leaves I always go through a case of withdrawals. Then I tell myself to snap out of it and thank God for the time we had together. That's what memories are--sprinkles of glitter for those moments when you are missing that special someone. So take a moment to sprinkle a dash of warm memories on your cup of hot chocolat. It will do wonders for your day.
(picture of Jacquie, Popcorn & me after the Friday night snowfall)

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