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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I've got my LOVE to keep me WARM!

Our local weatherman is predicting a light snowfall for the Charlotte area for Christmas. Since we're 20 minutes south of the 
Queen City, 
I'm getting my sled and ice skates ready! Whether it snows or not, 
I've got my love to keep me warm! 
My wonderful husband of 21 years knows how to make our Christmas merry 
(I won't get into that on my blog or FaceBook!!) 
 I'm thankful for such an easy-going guy who 
only wants what's best for me. 
Since moving to South Carolina 
(our 4th southern Christmas), 
we have had to make our own little traditions--
--driving through Christmasville (McAddenville, NC),
attending Christmas Eve service at 
Lakeshore Church in Lake Wylie, 
and spending time with Mama Leaf.
 Simple pleasures. 
Rob knows that Christmas is hard for me because 
I'm away from my California family, 
but I take this time to fill my heart with 
memories of Christmases past. 
~ My favorite Christmas as a child: 
6th grade: Dad, Mom, John and I drove 3,000 miles
on a 3-week trip from
California to South Carolina. 
stopping along the way at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, 
and civil war parks in the south. 
Not many presents--didn't need 'em--we had each other.
~ Shawn's first Christmas when he was 4 months old: 
we packed up everything and 
spent the night at Grama Watson's house. 
~ Jacquie's 4th Christmas: she asked for a bike
and was riding it by mid-morning! 
~ As an adult, my favorite Christmases have been 
when the family comes over for Christmas Eve. 

Who knows what my future Christmases hold, or where we'll be. We spent several in Sweden, 
so we're open to wherever God takes us 
on this great adventure of life. 
The most important thing to remember:
 No matter where you are this Christmas, 
make every minute count.

Count your blessings, name them one by one. 
Make His love the 
center of your holidays.
Oceans of Christmas Christmas blessings! 
(photoe of my man at breakfast)

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