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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day...Rejoice!

Here in the south, Christmas Day is almost over, 
and we're back home relaxing and enjoying the afterglow of Christmas. 
I kept our outside Christmas lights on all night to warm the hearts
 of those who were eager to celebrate Jesus' birthday. 
The Hallelujah Chorus fills the house. 
Is it my CD, or do I really hear the heavenly angels singing 
as they gather around His throne? 
My thoughts are simple on this holy day--Happy Birthday Jesus; 
thank you for everything.~ 
I hope all of you had a special day with your special people.
 We spent the morning with Grama Leaf, and then went over to 
Carrie's for brunch and a movie. 
Oh, the joy of having a chef in the family
(I consider Carrie's boyfriend, Stuart, as one of us).

Oceans of blessings, Sharon (picture of Rob and Popcorn relaxing in The Man Cave)

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