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Saturday, December 19, 2009

On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

Five days until Christmas. How's the Christmas list coming along? Because I don't bake for the neighbors, nor do I make homeade Christmas tree ornaments, my list is finished! I sigh in relief as I sit at my little Acer laptop tonight
, waiting for some profound thoughts to pop into this little mind of mine...I'm waiting...hmm, almost time for another Hallmark Christmas movie to begin. ~ I helped hand out Christmas gifts for the children of Fort Mill today. I was energized as I gave a sincere Merry Christmas to the fine folks of this town. No politically correctness in the room as they gave their Merry Christmas greetings right back at me. ~ Fifteen minutes of snowflakes fell outside my window yesterday morning. The Big Storm barely grazed the Charlotte area as it made its way to the northeast. Tonight's evening news announced a white Christmas had arrived to DC, New York, and the New England states, while California boasted of 70+ degrees and climbing. I love warm weather, but Christmas demands a little frost in the air, don't you think? ~ When Rob gets home from work, I'll make him watch the Thomas Kinkade Christmas movie with me. He's so good that way. And what will I do for him in return? Pop some popcorn for starters. We're simple folks...doesnt' take much to make us happy. As I close, I'm thinking about my family, knowing that I'm blessed to have each one of them in my life. Oceans of blessings, Sharon
(Pictures of my magical Ice Skate Tree, inspired from the days long ago when my Daddy bought me skates and took me ice skating every Saturday at The Paramount Ice Rink in Paramount, CA)

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