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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another writers workshop, more stories, more dreams...

I love writers workshops because I get to meet other aspiring writers who go through the same emotions that I experience on a daily basis (didn't write enough today...I wrote too much today--look, the house is a mess...I'll never get published...my book shall be published!). Of course the speaker is inspiring, given the fact that she throws in the fact that the publishing field is almost impossible to break in to--as if we didn't know! But I came home with a few pages of fresh ideas, and more pages of information that I've already heard. A writer's life is a crazy life, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I've met new writer friends on FaceBook--we encourage each other when the words are hard to find. My critique group tells it like it is--thank God for upfront & honest people. ~ Sometimes I miss living by the sea, but I'm blessed to have a pond in my backyard. Why did I say that? Maybe because I'm preparing myself to move back to Surf City, incase I have to some day. I've learned to 'never say never'. God directs my path, so my journey is in His hands. ~ Hey, I wrote three days this week! Unbelievable! Until next time, Oceans of blessings, Sharon

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