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Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Writer's Life

Before falling asleep last night, I planned my Saturday, Lord willing, of course. Up early to fix Rob's lunch, send him off to work, downstairs for my 45-minute workout, shower, then chain myself to my laptop to write the day away. Right. Any writers out there with good intentions, only to be distracted by, well, lets see, watching a Saturday morning chic flick while savoring a second cup of coffee? During commercials: fold the clothes, put them away, eat a bowl of cereal, feed the dog, and all the while, the 'blank page' is staring at me, begging to be filled. It's staring at me because I moved my laptop from my office to the kitchen table so I could enjoy the view of the pond & falling leaves. I should have learned by now to keep that laptop in my office with the door closed until I've written at least a page. ~ I will write today, sometime mid-afternoon, after I eat lunch, take Popcorn for a walk, and swiffer the floors. I'm working on a non-fiction short story for an upcoming Charlotte Writers Club contest. I don't have to submit it until October, so that gives me a whole month to work on it. But Rob and I are going to Savannah next week, then I'm heading to So-Cal and Utah to visit family the first two weeks in October. Then there's the doctor's appointment, the dentist. Hey, writers out there, does this sound familiar? So what's a writer to do? Write, or live? I've decided to do both--enjoy the journey without guilt. When the guilt tries to hang over me, I just shoo it away until there's a deadline to meet. Then I'll get right on top of it! First thing in the morning!
Oceans of blessings, Sharon (Note: Mom's old typewriter & camera; picture of WWII ship we sailed on for 14 months in 94-95)

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