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Sunday, September 6, 2009

From the West Coast, to the East Coast, I'm Lovin' the Journey!

No matter how we get to our destination, the important thing is to enjoy the journey. I still smile when people ask us why we moved from Huntington Beach, California to Fort Mill, South Carolina. I don't know if people understand, but it's like this: Rob and I are so-journers who are pursuing God. We move not to just be moving, but we move with purpose. Like the time we moved to Sweden for a year to attend Bible School. Then two years later when we lived on a World War II ship for 14 months to help take Russian Jews from the Black Sea to Haifa, Israel (and all the places inbetween...Israel, Istanbul...). ~ We must stay on track, and as we do, we will see the favor of the Lord upon us (Psalm 90:17). There is nothing like the favor of God. You can feel it, you can see it. And this is what Rob and I desire for our family and friends--to pursue God and see God's favor. Quite simple. ~ So, enjoy your Labor Day tomorrow. Relax, and breathe in the fresh air around you (unless you happen to be in southern California where the fires are roaring).

Oceans of blessings, Sharon


Janet S said...

I soo enjoyed sipping coffee over your blog. I could just feel the inspiration and warmth trickle down to my toes. (It wasn't just my coffee.) Thank you, thank you for inspiring me.

Sharon Leaf said...

thank you Janet! Keep reading and drinking that java!