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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Come September

Here's a picture of me on the Huntington Beach pier on our California summer vacation. Mmmmm, I love the salty air and the feel the ocean breeze. We still have our house there, but only God knows if we'll ever move back to So-Cal. We're enjoying our journey that moved us to South Carolina 3 years ago. We traded the Pacific for a little pond and lots of trees. We gave away our bikes that took us up and down the coast, and bought a fishing boat. So far, so good. ~ Summer's almost over, but the memories will remain. We'll do some grillin' on the deck over Labor Day, and then it's good-bye summer, hello fall! I'll be ready. I'm so glad God created the four seasons--it gives us something to look forward to, doesn't it? Take a moment to thank Him for His beautiful creation.

Today our son celebrates his 36th birthday! Happy Birthday Shawn! You're the best son a mother could have. Your sense of humor, love for God and zest for life is a blessing to everyone!

Until next time....oceans of blessings, Sharon

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