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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Town Hall Meeting in Rock Hill, SC

Rob and I had a rip-roarin' time at the Rock Hill town hall meeting last night. Over five hundred people showed up to ask questions and to be heard. No matter what party we belong to, it's important for us to get involved with the future of our great nation. There were locals of all ages, but I was delighted to see the baby boomers out in full force. Instead of becoming discouraged, we must continue to pray for America, for our president, and for those in office who represent us in Washington. ~ We're happy to have a full house this week. A friend arrived yesterday from Indiana, and another friend arrives tomorrow from Tennessee. Abbey Rose arrives Saturday for a sleep-over with Popcorn. That's what summer's all about...having family and friends over.
Oceans of blessings, Sharon

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