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Friday, August 14, 2009

Still learning...

Today I'm experimenting with my blog--I added a picture of our lake--eek, too big!--I always get a lesson in patience when I'm learning something new.
~ Blogging isn't journaling, so I write what's on my mind without getting too detailed. A self-taught writer, Mom gave me a key-locked diary when I was eleven, thus the beginning my journaling career. Most of my diaries and journals burned in the Garage Fire of 1989. Discouraged at my loss, I journal now and then, but it seems that I'm too busy living life to write about it.
~ I wish I had those old journals to jar my memory. Instead, I pray, Okay, Lord, help me remember. And so it goes...a flashback of Ga-Ga's ranch when I was four; dancing with my Daddy in the living room when I was nine; the night I got stood up when I was actually standing him up (I wasn't going to answer the door; I kept the lights out for hours waiting for the knock on the door that never came. I still get a laugh about that one).
~ Hats off to all you faithful journal-keepers. Who knows, perhaps some day when I have nothing else to do, I'll sit in my rocking chair on the porch that overlooks my lake, and write steamy stories of my wild and wacky days. Well, the ones that I can remember.
Oceans of blessings, Sharon (Blog picture: my backyard)

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Blasé said...

Nice Blog picture...makes me want to sleeeeeep ZZZzzzz