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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Power in the Tongue--A Beauty Tip from Aunt Eunice

Aunt Eunice in her Sunday best

Hello dear ones. Many of you have asked me if I have ever been married. Many, many years ago I was married to a handsome fella with a very strong passion for fishing. Finally one day I gave him an ultimatum: "I've had it Freddie! It's either ME or your fishin'!" He grabbed his fishing pole and as he walked away I heard him say to his dog, "I'm sure gonna miss her when I come home tonight."

~ That day when Freddie walked out, leaving me alone with my empty words, I learned the hard lesson of speaking before thinking. The good Book says that we can speak life or death with our words, so each day I do my best to think before I speak. I find it mighty hard at times, but it's worth it to have a string of boyfriends waitin' in line.

~ So today, meditate on some positive, powerful, sweet words, then tell them to someone special! And remember to keep spreadin' Vaseline on that beautiful face each night and you'll be looking gorgeous in no time!
Yours truly, Aunt Eunice

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