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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Noxema, take me away! from Aunt Eunice

"Noxema is the key to opening up your past."

Last week when I was vacationing in Iceland, my niece called me long distance to ask me how I got my peaches & cream complexion. 'Darlin', I told her, 'I bought a jar of Noxema years ago, and I never looked back.' Well, Sharon called me today with her wondrous update. 'Aunt Eunice, as soon as I slathered that Noxema on my face, I was suddenly taken back in time.'

Have you ever had a fragrance take you back to that special place in time? Well, Noxema did that for Sharon. Suddenly she was in 8th grade, lying on her bed with the window open. That gentle breeze touching her skin made her forget that she was fighting a face full of zits (plain English: pimples). She felt as if she had the peaches & cream complexion of that beautiful stuck-up girl who walked by her every day at school with her nose up in the air. 'I should have continued using Noxema instead of all that expensive stuff that's advertised as the miracle invention for erasing wrinkles forever.'

So run on down to your nearest pharmacy and buy yourself a jar of Noxema, or whatever takes you back to that special place in time!
Yours truly, Aunt Eunice

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