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Sunday, August 2, 2009

To The Ga-Ga* Sisterhood!

Today I watched The Ya-Ya Sisterhood while eating a tomato sandwich and sipping sweet tea. Afterwards, I realized that no matter how normal or how neurotic our mothers are (or were), we love them. And no matter how normal or neurotic I am as a mother, my daughter loves me!
~My mother went to be with the Lord 22 years ago, but I see her face as clear as if I had coffee with her just yesterday. And it's true, the older we get, the more we seem to look like our mothers (I can hear some of you yelling eeek!) When I look in the mirror, there she is, smiling back at me--the wrinkles around her eyes give way to their sparkle; her frown lines are erased by her warm smile. So you see sisters, as we get older, our wrinkles disappear in the eyes of our loved ones. Mmm, yes, something else to look forward to.
~ When I moved to South Carolina 3 years ago, I faithfully wrote a monthly e-mail to my Ga-Ga* sisters, but then I figured, who really cares if I'm sitting on my porch typing on my laptop, or reading down by the pond? So I stopped. But now with Face Book & my blog, I keep in touch with those who care to know.
~ FB and blogging have their places, BUT they will not take the place of our personal interactions. Never! There's nothing like a smile or a hug from a ga-ga sister! So make sure you find a ya-ya, or a ga-ga--whatever you decide to call your friends--and give them a hug and smile this summer!
Oceans of blessings, Sharon
*Ga-Ga is in memory of my paternal grandmother, Evie Cook (I began calling her Ga-Ga at a young age)

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