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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You're how old???

It seems like only yesterday when Rob and I moved his mom with us to the beach (Surf City in 98). She lived in the big house in front (she couldn't do stairs), and we were happy to live in the 2 bedroom apartment in the back (upstairs with an ocean breeze, high ceilings & a fireplace made for a cozy crib). When we decided to move to a different coast (South Carolina in 06), she smiled and said, "I'll go wherever you take me" (even though she'd never been on a plane!). Now 3 years later, she's moving into a beautiful new assisted living, Agape Senior, and she's so excited! After 86 years, she hasn't lost her zest for life, & her easy-going way makes it worth the sweat & aching muscles to move her belongings.
~ I've taken lots of notes for when I some day reach the 80+ mark: Don't complain; throw away stuff I don't need; don't complain; smile; pray; don't complain; keep sense of humor; don't complain; go with the flow...and...yep, you got it...don't complain! After 2 hip replacements, & several trips to the hospital, she's a blessing from Above! We love you, Mom!
Oceans of blessings, Sharon

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