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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Beauty Tip #2 from In-house Beauty Editor Aunt Eunice

Do you really want to see the real you this summer? Then go lie on your lounge chair in the direct sunlight with a magnified hand mirror. Are you with me? Now look directly at your reflection--what do you see? Are you still with me? Don't fret darlins, the first time I did this (last month at Turtle Pond), I went into such a state of shock that my best friend Gertrude had to call the paramedics! When they arrived they thought they had lost me. When I heard the cute ambulance driver say to his blonde Kenny Chesney look-alike assistant, "No loss here" that did it! I jumped up & marched back to my lounge chair--I was on a mission! I proceeded to pluck every last gray hair from my chin, counted every wrinkle, and decided right then and there to make an appointment with Gertrude's bo-tox guru.
~ After saying all this, remember: no matter what you find in that mirror, beauty is only skin-deep--you just have to remind your handsome ambulance driver of that fact!
Yours truly, Sun-kissed Aunt Eunice

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