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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where in the World is Aunt Eunice??

I open with an apology. Aunt Eunice told me she would take care of my blog while I was on vacation. I should have known better. It seems she's experienced another loooong senior moment. When I walked in my office this morning, there was a message on my phone machine: "I can't remember if I'm going to Iceland with Mr. Green, or to Greenland with the ice man, so I'm standing at the curb for whoever drives by first." Click.
~ As for me, I'm still recovering from a week with my best friend from Cucamonga, California. From the moment Debbie K landed, I knew I was in trouble. We've been friends for 22 years, so I thought I knew her pretty well--loves to lounge in the sun, read & watch reality shows. This was my chance to find out who the Kardasians were, so I was looking forward to some relaxing down-time...yeah, right. "Where are we going first? Let's ride the race cars at The Lowe's Speedway!" Rob looked at her. "Sorry, I have to work." That left me. I quickly replied, "My back has been giving me trouble for the last, ugh, 20 minutes." Whew, got out of that.
~ The next day we drove 3 hours to Murrels Inlet so Debbie K could splash in the warm Atlantic, a first-time experience for her. After a liesurely lunch, she said, "Let's go for a boat ride." Sounded relaxing to Rob, & I love looking at beach houses. As we lost sight of the beach houses and headed for the breakers, the young blonde captain said that if the waves were too high we might have to turn back around. They were, and he didn't. The first five four-foot swells felt cool against our sweaty bodies. Weee! everyone yelled. Yep, I thought, these are big waves so we'll be turning around any second. Wrong. After each drenching wave, Debbie yelled, "Yippee! This is so much fun!" I wanted to stare a hole in her, but I couldn't open my eyes due the the burning salt water. On and on...babies crying, children yelling, old ladies barfing. I know the captain had a crush on Debbie because everytime she yelled, too much fun! he'd crank it up another knot or two. I guess it's true that blondes do have more fun.
~ And now, days later, I'm laughing about the boat ride from hell (by the way, everyone got their money refunded). We think we know our girlfriends, but there's always something new to be learned over the years...that's one of the values of having long-lasting relationships. And as always, girls just wanna have FUN! So, today, thank God for your friends, and go spend some time with them this summer.
Oceans of blessings, Sharon (Note: Picture: Driving Miss Debbie to Raleigh Airport)


debra123 said...

Oh my friend, i need to start a Blog. I have so many "Sharon" stories I'd looove to share. ;0/
Much love! Deb

Sharon Leaf said...

Wish you had of, my bestest girlfriend. I miss you terribly.