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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Taking the plunge...1955

I remember going to the South Gate Plunge with our neighbors when I was nine years-old. It was fun splashing in the shallow end, until I noticed Mom bobbing up and down--glub glub--her pink rubber swimming cap slowly sinking under the water, up and down. That was the last time I ever saw her--not forever--don't get ahead of my story! That was the last time I ever saw her in a swimming pool. She was afraid to learn how to swim, so she sat on the sidelines, watching from afar. Dad tried to teach me, but I also declined. But I did learn how to float on my back in the Long Beach Colorado Lagoon, and for that I am grateful. There is nothing more relaxing than to be the only one in a swimming pool, floating in the quietness of the moment. So I float, and I dog-paddle, and I do it quite gracefully. It takes me longer to cross the finish line, but with God's help, I always reach my destination.

Now, moving right along, I'm proud to announce that my in-house beauty editor is my very own Aunt Eunice, Miss South Carolina of 1940. She has had years of experience giving beauty tips to women, young and old. She's traveling with Miss California 2009, but will return to give us our beauty tip of the week.

Until then, remember, if you can't swim, dog-paddle. Assignment: try floating in a deserted pool this summer.
Oceans of blessings, Sharron

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