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Monday, June 1, 2009

Forever Yung #1 Summer Beauty Tip from In-house Beauty Editor, Aunt Eunice

My head is still buzzing from my trip to New York City. That Mr. Trump is a great guy. He knows real beauty when he sees it! He took one look at me and said, Where have you been hiding all my life, under a rock? Now, that's the best compliment I've received in a long time. When he asked me to be a judge in next year's Miss America Pageant, I almost dropped my false teeth, and when he told me I'd be sitting next to Paris Hilton, I hyper-ventalated. "I've always wanted to be her personal stylist," I told him. He asked me to put my hearing aids on, then yelled, Not Paris Hilton...Perez Hilton! I declined the offer--too much drama for this Bible holdin'-gun totin' southern belle.
~ Oh, almost forgot the beauty tip of the week: Summer's here so there's lots of sunning to be done. If you want to obtain a glowing tan like me, just slather on a slab of vaseline & a handful of baby oil. If you want the Snow White look, like my niece Sharon, then I suggest keeping a tube of 'No, No Sun!Protection 75' on hand at all times. Either way, happy sunning!
Yours truly, Aunt Eunice

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