On life's journey, whether traveling around the world or walking around your block, there's lots to learn about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness, so lets dive into a new ocean together!

About Sharon ~ wRiting and tRaveling

My three R's
Reading, wRiting, and tRaveling

I'm looking for my silver lining!
Yep, it's time.

Doing what I love.
wRiting Lady and the Sea in Belize 2012

Welcome! Please, pour yourself a cup of coffee and 
browse around my little corner of the world.

I'm a simple lady,  
but I've been around the block a few times.

I was born in South Carolina. 
When I was five-months-old I took my first cross country journey with my parents 
on a train to Long Beach, California.
And there is where we settled.

Raised among the palm trees in sunny southern California, 
I loved tRaveling via Greyhound bus to
sultry Surfside, South Carolina to 
spend my teen-age summers frolicking 
under the palmettos with my cousins.

When I was a stay-at-home mom in the 70's
I discovered and soon joined the Running craze,
and taught a women's Running class with the theme,
"How to Run your physical race and your spiRitual race
--at your own pace."

Mary, my mentor and friend (54) and me (32), 
the day we ran our first half-marathon in 1979 

My first 10K race (6.2 miles) was part of the first 
Los Angeles Marathon.
Crossing the finish line in the
Los Angeles Coliseum, home of two summer Olympics.
was a thrill I will always remember!

After completing the Rose Bowl half-marathon in 1979, 
I felt that I could do anything! 
However, due to my busy life schedule, 
I decided to stick with 10K races,
which included my favorite Morro Bay 10K run
with running pal Mary Haworth.

It was during this time I discovered my love for wRiting, so
after my morning runs while the kids were at school,
I sat down with my cup(s) of coffee at my Smith-Corona and lo and behold 
I wRote two books, Lady on the Run and Victory Run. 
(to be published)
I've been writing ever since.

I incurred a working injury in 2001 that caused permanent knee damage,
so after running with my daughter and granddaughter 
in The Pacific Shoreline Marathon 10K in Huntington Beach, California, 
I retired from running to become and avid walker.
A note:  No matter what your exercise of choice,
the important thing is to keep that body moving!
So at the great age of seventy-two,
I hit the road several times a week.

I'm a happy gal at any age!

My husband Rob and I have a blended family of 
two grown daughters, two sons, four grandchildren, and 
three great-grandsons.  

In 1991 my dream to tRavel the world became a reality.
And what a year that was!
Rob and I tRaveled through Russia and Estonia, 
then moved to Sweden for a year
to attend an international Bible College.

That summer after trekking through Israel, 
we traveled for a month on the Trans-Siberian Railway on
the former Youth Communist Propaganda Train,
from St. Petersburg to Abakan, a total of fourteen cities throughout Siberia. 
Our team of 25 Swedes and 25 Russians distributed 
humanitarian aid and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Upon our return home to the good old USA our plan was to
stay home, never more to roam.
But God had other plans ...

Our trip to Istanbul in 2008

We were living the good life in southern California,
when out of nowhere, in 1994,
we had the opportunity to volunteer for a week on a WWII knot ship, 
recently christened the MS Restoration, 
whose sole purpose was to transport Russian Jews 
from Sochi, Russia to Haifa, Israel.
We've always had a heart for Isreal, so
what began as a week ended up fourteen months
on board the Restoration.

MS Restoration 1994-95
The old gal cleaned up  well.

The maiden voyage took us from Seattle, WA
 to ports-of-call throughout Scandinavia, 
the Baltics, England, Greece, Russia, and Israel.
We were honored to be a small part of God's prophetic word
to bring His people home to Israel.
Upon returning home, we settled in a bungalow at the beach, never more to roam,
until the summer of 2006 
when Rob and I left Huntington Beach to 
return to my southern roots in South Carolina.

I love traveling (20+countries at this writing) around the world,
but more recently we are traveling the USA in our 40-foot motor home
(our neighbors have nicknamed it the Titanic)
We've been to California and back,
Lake Michigan, the Florida Keys,
and many states in-between 
(20+ at last count)

Last year our son Jason surprised Rob with a big 
70th birthday present:
An all-expense paid trip to 
Italy, Spain, Germany, and Sweden!
The best part of the trip for us was traveling and making memories with
Jason and his sweetheart. 

Jason, Xyla, Rob and I touring Tuscany in a Fiat!

When we're not tRaveling, I'm content hanging around 
The Leaf Lake House, 
sipping coffee, Reading and wRiting.

Our 40-foot home on wheels, Moon River

Through the years, God has been my source of 
strength and encouragement, and 
He shows me daily that His Love never fails.

I consider myself a boomin'-blooming' trail blazer. 
I received a degree in theology when I was sixty, and 
published my first novel, 
Lady and the Sea, 
when I was sixty-six,
proving that its never too late for
a dream or two to come true.

I wrote Lady and the Sea  
to encourage readers of all ages with the theme, 

You cannot discover new oceans 
until you are willing to lose sight of the shore.

My upcoming book, 
Lady on the Run
has a similar theme,

You cannot discover new roads 
until you are willing to lose sight of your front door.

I wish you smooth sailing and oceans of blessings, 
and may you find faith for those forgotten dreams.

Sharon Leaf
the almost-famous author

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