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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Across the USA with Lady Traveler

Moon River at The Route 66 KOA campground in
Springfield, Missouri.
Rob and I have been traveling around the USA for almost two years
in our motor home, Moon River.
The time on the road has been one big, wonderful adventure.
From the Atlantic to the Pacific,
to the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast and Florida Keys,
the countryside has been breathtaking,
The food is absolutely delicious.
I wear the calories to prove it.
On a lighter note, I'm walking 2 miles daily
as a preventive measure. 

Lunch at The Black Oak Grill
at Branson Landing on the River, Missouri
Along our strange and exciting journey,
we have met some strange and exciting people.
People like you and me.
Rich.  Not so rich.  Average.  Uncommon.  
Shy.  Arrogant.  Happy.  Grouchy.
Young.  Old.
Different nationalities.  Various backgrounds.
I think you get the picture.
We spend lots of time around the campfire
talking about our travels,
our families, our faith,
our hobbies, our health.

I'm a writer so I do a lot of listening,
and what I have found most inspiring is
our common love for our country,
and the hope for a better tomorrow.
We want our nation to come together.
And everyone we have met,
not intentionally, but perhaps by design,
wants America to be Great again.
After months of listening to all of the negative news media,
this experience has been very inspiring to me.
I know first-hand that there are thousands of middle America,
hard working, God fearing people out here that
want the best for our country.

We're happy campers at The Route 66 KOA!
The highlight of this trip so far is spending time with our
son and daughter.
I have to brag a little, okay?
Shawn is a photographer for Bass Pro at their headquarters
here in Springfield and on location all over the USA.
Frances is the week-end anchor and journalist for ABC here in Springfield.
They have a good life, and like many of us,
we don't know what tomorrow holds.
But what we do know is ...
we must pray for better tomorrows.

God has blessed us with a good life and we don't take it lightly
As we celebrate the 4th of July,
let us continue to pray for the men and women
fighting to protect us, and our country.
Let us pray for our President.  God knows he needs it.
And pray for a better tomorrow for the
United States of America. 

Here's wishing you oceans of 4th of July blessings!

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