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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens 2011

A new path lies before us; we're not sure where it leads;
but God goes on before us, providing all our needs.

This morning as I sip my Starbuck's vanilla latte, I'm sitting on a bench in a most peaceful garden writing in my journal. I hear the soothing fountains, the chirping birds, and the flowers proudly strut their colors. God's creation at its finest.

I express my thankfulness to God, then pray for those living in tornado-torn and flood-worn areas of our country. I remember family and friends, and end with a prayer for the USA, and for the peace of Jerusalem.

I'm in a people-watching state-of-mind...lots of material for future stories. One thing in particular stands out -- all mothers are in their glory. Fathers and husbands, and all men in general, are biding their time, sacrificing their golf day, their date with their favorite TV sports program -- all for the love of the special women in their lives. Will they ever know how much their sacrifice is appreciated? Maybe not. But their women will cherish these moments forever. Honest.

My grown children are in SoCal, my Mom is in heaven, and Rob is working, but God has given me another special lady in my life: Rob's mother. When I finish revelling in my own special moments here at the gardens, I'll take a drive to The Agape Assisted Living Home, where they will have an afternoon tea for all the lovely ladies.

So whether you're surrounded by loved ones, or you're alone like me, make the best of this day. Don't feel sorry for yourself. Instead, count your blessings, then treat yourself. You deserve it!

Oceans of blessings to you on this Mother's Day, 2011.

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