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Monday, May 30, 2011

Can't Sleep; Count Sheep

Going over contract with publisher

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Two a.m. When I can't sleep, and all else fails, what to do? Write a blog. I have much to think about, but most of all, I have much to be thankful for. I lay in bed, counting my blessings which appear in the form of little white sheep. Wait a minute...that's not a sheep...that's Popcorn! She's supposed to be asleep too. Oh well. Get up, tip-toe to my office and sit a spell, and write. Great idea. It doesn't matter if anyone reads this or not. It's great therapy for a tired body that refuses to sleep.

Memorial Day. Thanks to all the thousands of men and women who have given their lives for my freedom, and yours. I pray safe-keeping for all those who are out there protecting us (I'm thinking of you, Brandon).

My heart is full of joy. My girlfriend, Tia, told me today, there should be a way to bottle this joy and sell it...we'd make a million. But then we realized that each one has to find their own joy, their own way. We call ours "Le Jesus Joy"--and it's free. Splash it on, and you will immediately feel the difference.

My manuscript is with the editor, so now I wait for my turn at the wheel to edit/change/keep/re-write, etc. The process is such a wonderful adventure...a real dream coming true.

We're still praying about where to go on our next mission trip. Istanbul was a blessing two years ago. I dream about Israel, but we shall wait for God's direction.

Rob's daughter has lived close by for five years. Now my daughter, along with husband, daughter and two dogs, are moving to South Carolina. They realize the value of family, so we look forward to making more wonderful memories together--another dream coming true. Carrie is getting married in November, which will bring yet another great guy to the clan--and I'm sure a dream of hers coming true!

Sleepy yet? A little. Off to bed I go, to count sheep...I mean, to kiss Popcorn goodnight. Rob? Not to worry. He's been asleep for hours. He's such a good boy. Another blessing. Now that I think about it, I'm ready to cuddle with my two blessings.
Nightie-night, and see you on the radio!


Jennifer Richardson said...

Thanks for reminding me
to count my blessings, too
...can't count to gazillion if I
So much to wallow in gratitude over!
Cheering you on
as your book takes shape:)

ShaRon Leaf said...

Thanks for the cheers
from one of my favorite cheer leaders!
Keep counting those blessings, Jen!