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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Legacy, and wRiting something that will last foRever

My first typewriteR; picture of MS RestoRation, where I lived for 14 months

It is the deepest desire of every writer, the one we never admit or even dare to speak of: to write a book we can leave as a legacy. And although it is sometimes easy to forget, wanting to be a writer is not about reviews or advances or how many copies are printed or sold. It is much simpler than that, and much more passionate. If you do it right, and if they publish it, you may actually leave something behind that can last forever. ~ Alice Hoffman, from the New York Times

I read this quote the other day while I was waiting for a call from my publisher. The woRds reminded me of why I wRote my book, Lady and the Sea.

I beLeaf that this year--my 65th--is my year for bReakthroughs. Lots of fun things ahead that I can't talk about yet. Our favoRite daughteR is getting married in November, and our other favoRite daughteR is...well, can't say yet, but it's all good! And me? right now I'm heading back to the 'drawing board' to do some last minute tweaking before I send my manuscRipt off to the publisheR.

Yes, exciting days, busy days...wouldn't trade the jouRney for anything. I'm following God's leading, holding Jesus' hand, and really doing my best to obey the Holy SpiRit. Isn't that what this season--Lent, PassoveR, & Easter--is all about?

Don't push things to happen...let them come about in the right season. Enjoy your jouRney. May the peace of God and the joy of Jesus be youRs today.
Oceans of blessings, ShaRon


Carla Gade said...

Thanks for sharing that quote, it is so true. I may just have to borrow it to post on my own blog sometime. Yes, His season is the best season!

ShaRon Leaf said...

Carla, you are definitely in a good season! i can't wait to read your book. My book/publishing journey is just beginning. I'm so excited and wanting to learn the process. I'll be writing about it in my next blog.
Oceans of blessings, Carla.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I beleaf it with you, Sharon.
And I wonder why that quote made me cry.
But it did. Big loopy tears.
Maybe it's the fatigue.
Maybe it's because I really miss le artists studio
and all gentle real hearts that gather there.
I'll be glad when we're together again.
And to hear what's happening in your world
and with your book.
Love and missing-you-hugs,

ShaRon Leaf said...

Jennifer, I also miss le artist's studio
and looking forward to when our worlds come together,
Soon, and very soon...