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Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas on the radio

beLeaf in yourself!

I'm famous. I was shopping at Hobby Lobby in Rock Hill today and my neighbor came up to me and said, "Shaa-rron! I saw your picture in the Fort Mill Times! I'm so proud of you!" On and on and on. Now I know how Sally Field must feel when her fans corner her in the marketplace.

~ I'm here to announce that, according to my producer, I am an official blog talk radio host *head is slightly bigger*. But I didn't arrive at this place without some butterflies. The night before the first program of Gate Beautiful, I felt like a little girl on Christmas Eve, waiting to see what the next day would hold. The next morning I nervously paced the floor, then got the brilliant idea to call Aunt Eunice for some encouraging words. Mistake. She asked, "Darlin', does your show skype?" I answered, "Skype? Eeek! I hope not! I need to have my teeth whitened first!"

~ After hanging up, I ran to the bathroom to check my teeth, dark circles, and wrinkles. I quickly brushed my teeth, washed my hair, and slabbed some Cover Girl on my face. Just in case, I was ready for show time.

~ A few moments before we went on the air I asked my producer, Do we skype? She answered, Not yet. Whew! Now I have time to run to the dentist before our next show in January.

~ I love the opportunity of being part of this wonderful team on the BTR (blog talk radio) Gate Beautiful. I met these gifted women on FaceBook! The producer, April Robins, really knows how to pull a show together. Linda Kozar is our team leader, Grace Hannah is our technical assistant, and Kelly Boyer Sagert and myself are the hosts. We'll be interviewing Christian writers and authors, from newcomers to New York Times bestsellers. Stay tuned for next month's lowdown. It's going to be fun, inspirational, and informative. I'm the new kid on the block, so I'm looking for something fun and inspiring, and I love to be informed.

~ Now I must run down to Walmart to purchase some wrinkle-reducing creams before next month's show. Oceans of blessings during this Christmas season!

Now unto us a child is born...Jesus is the reason for the season.

See you on the radio!



Jennifer Richardson said...

This sounds like the
sweetest sort of adventure
and a perfect fit for you.
Your shepherd much be
punch drunk in love with
his Sharon:) :) :)

K.M. Weiland said...

Congratulations! Sounds like lots of fun - and great promotion for you as well. Technology these days offers all kinds of super-fun opportunities.

Sharon Leaf said...

Thanks girls! I'm taking this technology thing to a new level...blog talk radio? Never heard of it until recently. Now I find that all the "who's who" people do it! So I'm jumpin' right in! See you on the radio!