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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Medicare, or I-don't-care? Aunt Eunice, help!

My mind is telling me that I'm too young to be applying for Medicare, but my reflection in my computer screen tells me otherwise; so does my birth certificate. Reality is settling in--I'm pushing 65. So I sit at www.medicare.org, staring at the screen that has way too much information for this gal to read in one sitting. Patty Duke even has a short video telling me how simple it is to sign up. I read, and read, and read. If I don't understand, just call 800-MEDICARE. I call, and all I get is lots of recordings. Great! So I call my Aunt Eunice; she knows everything about anything, almost. But I love the way she answers my questions, simply and directly, so that I totally understand.
Question: When do I apply for Medicare? Aunt Eunice: "Apply anytime the mood strikes, darlin'. By the way, what does apply mean?"
Question: Am I automatically covered for doctor's visits under Plan A? Aunt Eunice: "Why, of course, why wouldn't you be? You definitely look 65."
Question: How do I sign up for Plan B? Aunt Eunice: "There's a plan B? I'm so glad you called! I'm 87 and it looks like I need to pursue this Medicare thing further. Bye darlin'!" And off Auntie drives to her nearest Social Security Office.
~ Not only did Aunt Eunice answer my questions, but I helped her discover Plan B. Now, that's what I call teamwork!
~ I know most of my followers aren't near the age of 65, but just look what you have to look forward to! And for all my almost 65-year-old buddies: Have questions? Give Auntie Eunice a ring; she'll be happy to help, and by then she'll have all the answers for Plan B. And like I always say, When all else fails, blog! It certainly helped me today.
Oceans of blessings!

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Jennifer Richardson said...

Whichever way you go, I'm sure you're COVERED by Someone who loves you more than air itself:)
In good hands you are!
(Thanks for the giggle:))