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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn Leaves, Aunt Eunice Remains

~ Blame it on the gentle breeze. Blame it on the full moon. But yesterday while I was fishing on the pond, I couldn't help myself. One look at Mr. Higginbotham and I was a goner. I hadn't felt that way since 1946, when the love of my life, Mr. Manuel Manuever, walked in my Daddy's general store and asked me for a pound of nails. But that's another story...back to the present.
~ As Mr. H rowed towards me, our eyes locked. When he asked if I had bait, I slowly stood up and began my annual Indian Summer Rain Dance--which always drives the boys crazy, I might add. It's my version of a strip-tease-Austrian-waltz combined. Afterwards, Mr. H quickly rowed away to the other side of the pond. Back at shore, I told my neighbor, Fanny, "For the life of me, I can't figure that man out." Fanny said softly, "Honey, he only asked for bait." My false teeth almost fell out. "Oh, my! I thought he said, 'I can't wait!" Fanny looked at me seriously. "Eunice, you really do need to wear your hearing aids." Enough said.
~ Well, ladies, today is a new day! I love the feeling of waking up and looking in the mirror and asking, "Where's the day going to take you, girlfriend?" No response...oh, yeah...hearing aids.
~ Summer's over. I hope my beauty tips that I posted earlier on Sharon's blog have helped you keep your glowing skin wrinkle free. If not, do what the OC gals do...bo-tox, baby! I tried it a few months ago, and just look at me! Remember the new 86 is the new 86. Until then, keep that jar of Vaseline nearby. I use it for just about everything...use your imagination gals! Because no matter what they say, beauty is not only skin-deep.
~ Until next time, have a lovely Autumn. And when the opportunity rises, spring a little Indian Summer Rain Dance for your special someone...just make sure he's ready!
Love from the south, Aunt Eunice
Oh, there's my niece Sharon, out on the pond! And there's Mr. Higginbotham rowing towards her. Hmmm, this should be very interesting. Now, where are my binoculars?


Jennifer Richardson said...

Tell Aunt Eunice that she needs to dance harder and longer cause it's dry and dusty and decidedly too hot!

Glad you both have to pond to help stir some cool breezes:)

K.M. Weiland said...

This is hilarious! Poor Aunt Eunice, thwarted in love... It's a tough life. ;)

Sharron Leaf said...

Thanks Jen & K.M. Auntie Eunice is a 'tuffy' so she'll be right smack dab in the middle of the pond before sunset!

Sharron Leaf said...

It worked! The rain came and the river is rising!