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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Am A Servant

I've returned from a wonderful holiday with Garth Brooks.
What a one-man show! 
I spent the night with my friend, Debbie, then I hit the road for a 2-hour drive 
to my brother's house in Zion, Utah. 
Spending time with my 88-year-young Dad always inspires me.
He just returned from a river-rafting trip! 
One morning after brunch, I read him a few chapters from my upcoming novel and 
he laughed at the antics of the main character's father. 
I eventually told him, "Dad, that's you!" 
Then he really howled! 
"I never knew I was so funny." 
You're that, and much more, Dad.
Witty, sweet, brave, caring...the list goes on.

I've been blogging for a year now, 
all the while wondering where I'm going with it. 
People say, "you should focus on one topic and stick with it." 
That's hard this senior multi-tacker.
My mind goes off in different directions...
...family, friends, travel, writing, peeing. 
So I made a choice to continue my multi-tasking blog and 
write whatever God places in my heart at the moment. 
For tonight, this is what's in the old heart:

Do you have a certain song that sings your life? 
or a part of your life? 
As I was praying and meditating this afternoon, 
a song came across my mind that Jacquie and I recorded with the group Sonshine many years ago, 
I Am A Servant by Larry Norman. 
Sound a little hippie? 
Probably because this happened in the 70's. 
Although I sang the song years ago, 
the words became a reality to me several years later 
after going through a painful divorce, 
and making several selfish decisions which caused even more pain. I felt unworthy to serve God again, 
but His love reached out to me, 
I got back on track, 
and eventually He brought my wonderful husband into my life. Everything changed. It's a beautiful song, and the lyrics are prolific.

I am a servant, I've been listening for my name,
I sit here waiting, I've been looking at the game
that I've been playing, I've been staying much the same.
When you are lonely, you're the only one to blame.

I am a servant, I am waiting for the call,
I've been unfaithful, so I sit here in the hall.
How can you use me when when I've never given all?
How can you choose me when you know I'd quickly fall?

So you feed my soul, and you make me grow
and you let me know you love me.
I am worthless now, but I've made a vow,
I will humbly bow before thee.

I am a servant getting ready for my part,
There's been a change, a rearrangement in my heart.
At last I'm learning there's no returning once I start.
To live's a privilege, to love is such an art,
But I need your help to start,
Oh, please purify my heart...
I am Your servant

I wish you oceans of blessings,
Sharon Leaf, the almost-famous author 


Jennifer Richardson said...

I absolutely love that song! It played such a huge role in my life about a hundred years ago (seems!) when a young girl sang it from her heart in a coffee house band one Saturday night and I sat there listening and my own heart opened up and flopped around like a fish longing to be rescued and placed into water. I later bought the Nancy Honeytree album where she sang it in her wonderful honeytree way! I esp. love the line "to lives a priviledge; to love is such an art". Brilliant.
I will come over to play soon and must see a copy of that album of yours!!!

Debra said...

I wonder what happened to my Larry Norman Album? I use to play it every night in High School.
Listen to your heart, I love to hear what's happening in your life.
Did you send out your manuscript? Keep me posted!

Sharron Leaf said...

Jen, my fav also is: to live's a privilege, to love is such an art. Oh, Lord, teach me to love like you.
Debra, I'll be sending my manuscript out next week. I appreciate all prayers...I'm walking into unknown territory but God has brought me this far...no turning back.

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

I'm glad you are just being you and I just met you and your blog. I've been looking around your blog and just keep smiling inside. You definitely have a writing gift. Your header and words drew me in first. Love the Words!

I popped over from Jennifer's Ripplespeak blog. I had to find out who lived on a ship for that long. It's nice to meet you.

Lee Ann

Sharron Leaf said...

Hi Lee Ann! Welcome to my blog and my life! I hope you'll stay tuned in; I write at least once a week and I cherish any comments...they show me if I'm on the write path. Oceans of blessings, Sharron