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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Special Summer Day Long Ago

On a hot summer southern California day nineteen years ago, Rob and I were sitting at the corner local cafe having breakfast before heading to our days work at Christian Chapel (he was singles pastor and I was the senior pastor's secretary). We were going over the 'to-do' list for our upcoming year in Sweden to attend Word of Life Bible School in Uppsala, when the church accountant rushed in the door. "Jacquie just called the office looking for you. She's driving herself to your house--now!"

--Eeeek! I flew out the cafe door while Rob paid the bill, and was already stationed in the driver's seat and had the motor running by the time he jumped in the car. "Wait," he said. "We drove in separate cars, remember?"

"Oh, that's right," I responded, trying to breath normally.

"You go straight to the house, and I'll meet you at the hospital after I re-schedule my appointments."

I wasn't thinking straight, so as usual, Rob came to my rescue. "Yes, that's a good idea."

Jacquie was waiting at my doorstep. "I have to go pee first," she said apologetically.

I panicked. "Hurry! We can't be late to the hospital!" I had a picture in my mind of my black Ford SUV pulled over on the side of the freeway with me delivering a real, live baby--my grand baby! "Oh, please hurry!" I yelled through the bathroom door.

Jacquie waddled towards the front door, smiling. "Mom, relax. We'll make it. It's probably just another false alarm." That's Jacquie. Always cool and calm, even upon the delivery of her first child.

My son-in-law arrived just in time--Tom also thought it was just another false alarm! It wasn't. An hour later, Destinee Taylor Blake arrived in the world. From her moment of entry, to this day, she has been a blessing to our family, the light of my life, and a true gift from God. Just like her name, she was born for destiny.

I'm honored to be her grandmother, and I'm looking forward to many more years with her in my life.

"Happy Birthday Destinee!" Love, Grams (pic of Destinee & me 2 years ago)


Jennifer Richardson said...

What a great story....grins and tears. Beautiful Destinee is surrounded by wonderful women...what a legacy she'll leave:) Happy big 19 to your grand-daughter! -Jen

Sharron Leaf said...

Thanks Jen! She's a sweetie for sure! She always sends 'thank you' cards in the mail!

Debra said...

We've known each other for 23+ years and I never heard the whole story! Thank God for your Blog!! xoxoxo deb

Sharron Leaf said...

Thank God for friends like you!

Patti said...

Sharron, I just opened your blog and find I have quite a bit of catching up to do. Love the story of your Destinee's birth. She's a beauty like her grandma.