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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To My Friendly Followers!

~ I dropped in to say a special hello to my friendly bloggy followers. I didn't realize I had so many! You have great taste to follow me! *smile*

~ It's been hectic around the house this past week (just ask Rob). We've put a push on our spring cleaning due to the April 29th arrival of my daughter, Jacquie, and 3 of my lazy...oops...crazy California friends. Too excited to sleep at night, I write at my laptop until I fall out of my chair, causing Popcorn to bark, and of course waking up Rob. Puffy eyes aside, I'm counting the days until I pick up the five GRITS* gals at Charlotte International (7 days from tomorrow).

~ I must close for now to work on the WIN (Women's Initiative Network) Bible study blog, and then hopefully do some editing on my Lady and the Sea manuscript (it's almost as old as me *joke*)

Until next time, Oceans of blessings to all my followers, Sharron
*GRITS: Girls Raised In The South
(Picture of my good friends, George Clooney & Renee Zelweiger as they passed through South Carolina 2 yrs ago)
p.s. There is no charge to become a follower--it's absolutely free--just sign in, and voila!


Debra said...

Much love from your lazy...crazy friend!! See ya'll soon!

I'm I "GRITW"?
Girl raised in the west

Sharron Leaf said...

You are anything you want to be Debra, just as long as your my lazy, crazy friend!