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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Restoration

I know we're not supposed to live in the past, but there are moments in time that change our lives forever, and we must take time from our busy schedule to ponder them.

~As I attempt to finish my spring cleaning, my thoughts take me back to 1994 when I met the MS Restoration. We had a lot in common--we were both in our late forties and full of lust...oops...rust. This World War II ship became by home-away-from-home for fourteen months. While I scraped and cleaned her, the Holy Spirit did the same to me--ouch! Before I moved on board, I thought I was in pretty good shape--boy, did I have a lot to learn about me. ~ I fell in love with Resti--my nickname for her--and what she stood for: an old gal sitting on the sidelines of life, wondering if she had a future. ~ Question: how many times have you wondered, is this all there is? But as we trust God, He will lead you to your fulfillment. Oftentimes our dreams have to be pushed aside, but as we trust God, He will lead you, step by step, to your fulfillment.Take heart girls! Your time is a comin'! Just keep running the race that's set before you!
~ Regarding spring cleaning: when I lived on Resti, Rob and I had a cabin the size of our master bathroom, and only three lockers each! I was reminded that it doesn't take much to live. Bare essentials make for a simple life. I'm thankful for my 3,600 square-foot home, but as I scrub the last baseboard of a room I rarely use, I'm looking forward to a smaller shangra-la where housecleaning takes an hour. Now, that's livin'! Oceans of blessings, Sharron


Jennifer Richardson said...

who knows what delicious surprises lay around the next bend in the road! I'll just bet your next shangri-la will be another unexpected. Thanks for the grins, Lady Leaf:)

Sharron Leaf said...

An unexpected shangri-la--I like that Jennifer!