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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Aunt Eunice home from her summer travels...

I'm too tired to write (I'm sufferin' from a bad case of jet lag), but I promised my niece, Sharon, that I'd give one more summer beauty tip before Autumn begins. My summer travels began in Iceland & Greenland then expanded to the uttermost parts of the world (my suitcase has stickers to prove it). I have found that the most successful beauty tip is: INNER JOY. I talk to ladies all the time who travel the world & spend thousands of dollars trying to find this joy, only to discover that it's right in their own backyard (or in their easy chair watching the football game). Happiness comes and goes, but inner joy comes from having a peaceful spirit. When you find this joy, it'll surface all over your face, especially around your eyes and mouth. ~ So ladies, keep your life simple--do away with anything that clutters your life (except for that man sitting in the easy chair). Sometimes its easier for you to go to Walmart and spend $10.00 on a jar of Pond's Cold cream than it is to simplify. The Bible says the joy of the Lord is our strength, so give Jesus a try this Autumn, and by Christmas you'll be wrinkle free & ridin' high, hopefully in that easy chair next to your man!
Yours truly, Aunt Eunice

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